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''Having a Live Music Bar, we are used to seeing lots of talent take to the stage. Amy Rose is definitely in the ‘cut above’ category. Whether it be soft ballads, or ‘in your face’ power, Amy delivers beautiful vocals to any audience with composure and maturity……………..One to watch for the Future.                                                                                               
~ Paul Lockett
                                                                                                    Joint Owner
                                                                                              The Venue (Lymm)

''I’ve hosted a few events with Amy Rose over the last few years and must say she truly is an excellent singer! Amy has a beautiful & unique voice which sells the songs lyrics so well. She really gets her heart & soul into each song she performs. I can always tell how well an artist is received by the audience’s reaction and for Amy Rose, it’s always a fixated audience who applaud loudly once Amy’s ended her performance. 

                                                                                              ~ Pete Pinnington

"The penultimate performer of the night was Amy Rose, and if you could bottle confidence, she’d be a millionaire. And she certainly has the talent to justify her confidence – everything about Amy reeked with professionalism, from her stage presence and her styling, to her exceptional voice. 
Watching Amy perform, you feel like you’re watching a star – someone who does this for a living. You could have super-imposed the O2 arena behind her and it would still be fitting. Amy has the vocal skills like a top chef has culinary skills – she has all the right ingredients and knows in which order to put them, how to cut them, season then, what to put them with, and how long to let it cook.
As she sung an acoustic version of Jessie J’s ‘Nobody’s Perfect’ it became clear that it is a safe bet this this girl will go far. Whether you manage to watch her sing live, view her on the internet, or join her fan page, just be sure you keep your eye on Amy Rose.

                                                                                                ~ Ben Knight
                                                                                     Review For Peformance
                                                                                            at The Parr Hall

"Amy sang at my 21st birthday party at my house in January 2012 after I saw her at The Venue in Lymm. She was fantastic on both occasions and sang a great mixture of songs both modern and classics.

Amy's interaction with the audience is brilliant and she is not only a great singer but a great entertainer. Everybody who came to the party commented on how much they enjoyed Amy's performance. I would recommend anybody looking for an entertainer to choose Amy."

                                                                                          ~ Chris Fawcett
                                                                                   Private House Function 

''Amy is a real talented dynamic individual and a real entertainer on stage.
She is very professional, ambitious and fearless as she is always willing to try new things and work with all kinds of artists covering as many genres as possible.
When we first collaborated, I have to say I was very impressed with how Amy delivered nothing but true professionalism bringing the correct emotion and delicacy that was required for the song were working on.

Amy is not just a performer or singer, unlike many of the "stars" we see on our TV screens she also is able to write her own lyrics; some of which I have had the pleasure of hearing that Amy herself has crafted by hand from start to finish.

Amy is above all the most professional artist I have ever worked with and have been honored to work with such a gifted lady and I look forward to working with her in the future.

As for her being a solo artist/singer I see nothing but a clear bright future ahead for her and wish her all the best of luck, but personally I feel she really doesn't need it.. Many say a star in the making, I say a star has already been made."

                                                                                      ~DAVE McFADDEN/evilA
                                                                                                   – Musician

''I first worked with Amy as a model some time ago on a snowy day shoot in Warrington. Very easy to get on with and some great ideas. I helped out with photographing an event Amy organised for the Help For Heroes. She worked very hard to make the event a success.

A very determined young lady with despite being quite petite is very passionate about every thing she does. I wish her all the success in her future career.

                                                                                             ~ John Reynolds

''I interviewed Amy last year on Radio Warrington, and we were able to put one of her songs onto our playout system.

 Amy came across as lively and passionate about her music, and we talked about how she got into the business, what she was doing at the time and about her hopes and ambitions. Shortly after this, Amy performed at a local community event and Radio Warrington was also there, so I got to see her perform first-hand.  Not only is Amy a good singer, but she’s also a good all-round entertainer. By this, I mean that she was able to talk to the audience between songs, rather than just moving from song to song. I think the latter approach sometimes puts people off. I know that Amy has been doing a lot of gigs in the intervening period, some of which have been in aid of charitable causes, so she obviously has her heart in the right place. I would highly recommend Amy, either as an interviewee or as a performer."                                                                                               
                                                                                           ~David Ball
                                                                                         Radio Warrington


"I would like to thank you so much for taking part and contributing a great deal to the event held at Pan Am Bar in July. Glad you enjoyed being part of the event."

"Your contribution at the Alzheimer's Society event was invaluable and your mature and professional approach to your performances was welcomed and enjoyed by the entire audience and contestants. Your approach to delivering feedback to the finalists was constructive, fair and warm and was appreciated by those receiving it. Thank you for your kind support which is much appreciated by all."

                                                                                   ~Francesca D'Arcy 
                                                                              Community Fundraiser
                                                                                  Alzheimers Society

"Amy Rose is a great singer, she was so supportive with my event 'Merseyside's Got Talent; where she judged the show alongside other celebrities. I asked Amy Rose to perform at the Charity event, people need to book her because she is a star!"

                                                                             ~ Andrew Pilkington
                                                                                 Events Managment
"Amy is clearly a very talented young lady.She's worked hard and continues to do so.
She has a gorgeous voice and is very professional. She is a wonderful person who does alot of good work for charity."
                                                                              ~ Sufiya Rehman
                                                                          Researcher & Presenter
                                                                              Salford City Radio

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